Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Lowered Expectations
No one of reasonable mind anticipated cutting-edge brilliance (nor should organizers have, for this sort of event, delivered as much), but what to make of this?

Yes, of course all our usual suspects (Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies, Blue Rodeo, etc) are there. Our national treasures (Cockburn, Cummings, Bachman, Lightfoot) are mostly accounted for. There's something French (Les Trois Accords). Something allegedly funny (Dan Aykroyd). And the folks in charge have been sure to prove they know what the kids are listening to these days (Simple Plan, Sam Roberts).

But Motley Crue?
Deep Purple?
Celine Dion (loving the poor, but not quite enough to leave her money pit in Vegas)?
The seemingly random inclusion of Tegan & Sara, while Billy Talent, the one band long "confirmed" for this big do, are now nowhere to be found?


(Sony just put out a press release promising that Our Lady Peace will debut songs from their new album at Live Aid. It's all for the poor African kids though. Promise.)

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