Wednesday, June 29, 2005

CTV put out a press release this evening exhaustively outlining their plans for Live 8 coverage. According to Microsoft Word, it weighs in at 2,930 words. The word "exclusive" is used seven times. The word "historic" is found six times. "Unprecedented," just twice. "Mulroney" appears six times. "Geldof" a mere three. The letters C, T and V appear consecutively together about 88 times.

They also include this handy index...

By The Numbers:
724 hotel room nights
over 150 people hired in addition to CTV staff
12 days to produce show
30 production assistants
23 cameras
2 gigantic screens
50' high Super TechnoCrane camera
30' long jib camera
3 digital mobile trucks
2 audio trucks
7 separate production crews
1 CableCam
18 different broadcast feeds coming into CTV Master Control
1-2 hours sleep per night for crew
17 hours of coverage
4 hosts
9 concerts
over 175 artists
140 countries tuning in
5.5 billion watching
85% of world's population can receive broadcast
3 seconds: length of time that passes before a child dies from extreme poverty

Dude, you're totally harshing on our positive energy!

(Note to stoners: Have we used the term "harshing" correctly here?)

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