Monday, May 9, 2005

Your Latest News From The Front
Feist to play Winnipeg folk fest
Philly Inquirer gives her three and a half stars
And Feist wins Bismark Invite

Also, Nelly Furtado uses her latest letter of truth to claim months-old love of Feist. To wit: "Oh!!! Did I mention Feist?...I love that album.,.I loved it so much a couple of months ago that I actually accidentally rear-ended an empty parked car in a parking lot....listening to Feist's beautiful voice..I should not be telling you this....So do not listen to Feist while driving, or do it at a low volume, anyway..Do not worry..no one was hurt, and I did not run away..I waited in the cold for the owner...yep it's true..haha!!!"

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