Monday, May 30, 2005

The Woods
Found on our voice mail. Minus the hyperlinks.

"Hey Wherry, it's Sarah. I just wanted to let you know - and you can write about this on your blog if you'd like - that the Most Serene Republic kids are, like, the nicest people... in the world. They're totally super nerds. But I just had my big interview with them and they showed up for the interview and they'd packed us a picnic. Like how cute is that? And they served tea on china. It was really... I think it was one of the best experiences I've ever had since I started my job. So I just wanted to share that. You're probably still in London, you are still in London, and I'm sure that you need some brightening of your day. So there you go. OK. That's all. Bye."

We were in London. Ontario. Not England. Trying to pull wisdom from the mouths of teenage hockey players. Not much luck. (In case it's not obvious yet, there's been a slight - but good - adjustment to the career path.) Anyway. We're back now. With some catching up to do. And some new fun to introduce. Free fun. For everybody. More soon...

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