Friday, May 13, 2005

Like The Name Says
We still can't tell you about who we talked to this week. Sorry. They've got our signature. We think we lose the rights to our left foot if we so much as speaketh their name before May 28.

But on a completely unrelated note... Coldplay were at the Kool Haus on Wednesday for one of those exclusive club gig thingies. And everybody totally lurves them right now. Especially the muscled frat boy to our left who nearly cried during The Scientist. Liss figured it was the closest he's ever come to a homosexual experience. (Is this Liss' blog now? - Ed. Erm. Yeah. Kinda.)

Other, less squirmy, love from Rayner here, Considine here and Radwanski here.

Anyway. The people that we talked to this week, whoever they were, predicted that people would be really nice to them for about another year and then they would be viewed as roughly equal to Satan. We thinks they likely be on to something. Whoever they are.

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