Monday, May 2, 2005

"We couldn't be more grateful for the support we receive from all our fans around the world. We feel a responsibility to get great music to our fans. Unfortunately, we believe that we can't accomplish that effectively with the current Warner Music."

We were wrong about Linkin Park guys.

They aren't a bunch of self-important humorless wanks; young men beating off to the idea of their own self-satisfied intelligence ("This song needs more Japanese flute!"). No, no. These young men are artists. Idealists. Heroes. Inspirations. Selfless innovators who refuse to let the phony rules of this captailistic society prevent them from doing the only thing they've ever wanted to do - reach people, touch people, brings us all closer together.

We must join them. And together we will succeed where so many have failed. We will strike a blow for real art. We will take back our music. We will topple the millionaires, eat the rich and so forth. This is about dreams. And people. And principles. And, uh... err...

"A source familiar with the discussions said the public spat was a ploy by the band's managers, The Firm, to renegotiate their contract and extract a $60 million advance ahead of the IPO. The source said the band also asked for 50 percent of profits.

"Calling the $60 million figure inaccurate, the group's managers said Warner offered a $15 million advance for five records but no marketing and promotion guarantees. It declined to give more details on the deal."

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