Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where Have You Gone Tom Everett And Barry Wells? A Lonely City Turns Its Eyes To You.
Before hockey games at the John Labatt Centre in London they play this mash-up that has all the hooks from all your favourite rock radio hits (Sweet Child O' Mine, You Give Love A Bad Name, Smells Like Teen Spirit) set to the most generic "dance" beat imaginable. Has anyone heard this before? Is this purely a local creation? We must find it.

P.S. In the local alt. weekly, Louis XIV attempts to explain why some, like the local alt. weekly, consider them "arguably the most dynamic band to debut in 2005." To wit: "We've been in a number of bands together, but with Louis XIV we've been able to stretch out and haven't had to compromise. Even having a naked woman as part of our artwork - that's not too common in rock music anymore. But we don't ever want to be defined."

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