Friday, April 22, 2005

Mock Up
You have no idea (unless you clicked the link at the bottom of this page, of course) how many people came through here in our absence looking for information relating to Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine. The album that never was, but now is, at least unofficially.

Anyway. We ourselves may have once said Fiona Apple was the new Wilco. But she's not. And we wish we'd come back sooner to say so to all the nice people who came by.

Applegate is far less easy. Especially because no one - namely the shackled martyr herself - is actually willing to say anything about it. Doesn't make Extraordinary Machine any less an album. But it does make some of the froth-at-the-mouth spectacle around it look a little silly (sillier?).

Finally (FINALLY!) there has come some reasonable commentary on the issue. First, at least to our eyes, from Slate. And then from Sasha. Go read. (If there are similarly reasonable opinions out there, please let us know.)

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