Sunday, April 24, 2005

He Talks In Maths
We kinda love that 50 Cent still sells more records in this country than Michael Buble.

Broken down regionally: 50 does better in Regina, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec City and St. John's. Buble wins in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Charlottetown and Halifax.

Someone with a better understanding of socio-economics and such can probably make more of that than us.

P.S. On a Juno bounce, Feist went from 174 to 51. Though she's now back down to 81 now. One spot behind the Arcade Fire. Three spots behind Bloc Party. Sixty-five spots behind Michael Jackson's ex-wife.
P.P.S. Anybody else surprised that Martha Wainwright debuted at 18? (Though having the best-selling record in Montreal is largely to credit for that.)

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