Saturday, April 30, 2005

Check Yes Or No
Our increasingly fragile minority goverment could fall at any moment. The ruling party is struggling to hold its budget together. And if an inquiry into unprecedented political corruption doesn't scuttle everything shortly - bringing down a party once thought to be invincible, sweeping into power the first conservative government in more than a decade and setting the stage for profound debate of everything from public health care to gay marriage - it will at least likely pave the way for another Quebec referendum that wil once again threaten to split the country.

With all that weighing heavy on the nation, the Prime Minister found himself in Regina, announcing another round of pre-campaign funding. And an intrepid reporter found himself rising to ask the most important question of the day: "So, uh, like are you and Bono still friends? Cause, like, we heard from someone that he said he was all mad at you and stuff."

"It's no rift," Paul Martin said. "We are very, very good friends."

OMG. Phew. Cause, like, everybody was totally freaking that the next sleepover at Bill's would be, like, soooo awkward.

P.S. For the record, Bono said Martin was "a great leader." Also for the record, the UN declaration of human rights is indeed part of the show. Rock. And. Roll.

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