Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Art Of Rolling
Unbeknownst to us until mere minutes ago, Carl wrote about the Pope this weekend.

Also of note, is this Pope profile from The New York Times which argues that student protests in Germany during the 1960s shaped his conservatism. To wit: "Some remember that the students behaved barbarically; others that they behaved like young idealistic people, carried away by naïve fervor but in no way dangerous to the established order. One thing they seem to agree on is that Father Ratzinger had a bad reaction to their protests, which one former colleague, Dietmar Mieth, said he saw as the terrorism of the street."

How great a leap is it to say that in those masses of fist-pumping, rock-worshipping kids he might have seen something similar?

Anyway. If nothing else, he apparently plays a mean piano.

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