Friday, March 18, 2005

Austin Day Two: 'Something Terrible Is Happening'
(Sorry for the infrequency of these. Time is proving more limited than expected)

On our way downtown this afternoon we passed an ambulance and a fire truck. Paramedics were pulling a lifeless man out of a car. Eventually we'll figure out something to say about that.

A block away the Stars were playing a 2pm set where Sleater-Kinner finished up last night. Torq had them cast as angels in the house of Satan and He Lied About Death was scary ferocious. And it was Mr. Campbell's birthday. So afterwards there was cake. Someone set some candles on fire. And sang the song. Chuck Klosterman was there (a quick daylight check of his festival badge confirming as much).

We opted for Mexican. Brody Dalle was a couple tables over. By herself. Then it was back to where we were for a few songs for a bit of Tegan & Sara. They still don't set our pants on fire. Despite plenty of fuel.

Spent the rest of the afternoon hanging at Liss' swank hotel suite (this just in: alt. weekly writers secretly heart capitalism). Watched a little Dogs With Jobs. Hung out in the lobby with (near?) Fatboy Slim. Then Liss went to chew on some lettuce, so we went wandering.

Nothing much of anything happened in the early evening. The Appreciation were shirtless and wet. Thunderbird Are Now! were fast and sloppy. Then we stood in line for an hour to see the Futureheads play three or four songs. Hot Hot Heat followed. So anxious to impress.

At some point we mentioned to Josh O. that we saw Brady Dalle eating alone. This reminded him that he had a pass to some afterparty action featuring Queens of the Stone Age. So after four or five HHH songs (and 732 hooks), we went looking for trouble.

Queens were playing at some airport hangar outside Austin. Party sponsored by some designer jean company. There was a guy there in a white fur coat. So you can fill in the blanks yourself. The Cure Bravery were up first. Then Queens came on and schooled the place for an hour and a half. Diplo was up next. But by then our legs were having none of it. So there would be no dancing.

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