Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Alright Already
So. Like we said, we're packing our bags again. But this time we're not going to disappear.

In less than five hours we board a jet plane bound for here. Why? Well to get a little of this action.

You are correct sir. PopWherry is doing SXSW. For serious. We wouldn't kid about such things.

At the expense of sleep, we plans on blogging our adventures. Probably not quite hourly. But, at the very least, daily. We'd tell you what we were going to see, but frankly we haven't a clue yet. Except that we hear Feist will be there. Somewhere. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

Other cool people will be there too. Like Chromewaves. And Newman. And Berman. If you're cool and you'll be there, drop us a line.

Otherwise, we'll be wherever someone cooler than us tells us to be. Then we'll come here and tell you all about it. Promise.

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