Monday, February 14, 2005

White Is The New Beige
1a. Y'all can't hate on Kanye making like the Messiah because Amy Grant loved it. And Amy Grant loves her some God. And ya can't hate the speech that followed cos Jill Scott gave it the whole "Preach On My Brutha" head nod.
1b. Come on man, dude referenced Al Bundy. Polk High Holla.
2. Is Horatio Sanz doing voice over work for Old El Paso now?
3. Number of times Ray Charles had won album of the year before Sunday night: Zero.
4. Wherever the New Radicals are, Maroon 5 can't get there fast enough.
5. It perplexes us that Alicia doesn't get Norah-level love.
6. If we heard correctly, the new rules are as follows: You can say 'faggot' on TV. But you can't say 'niggas.'
7. Jack White = adorable. Also, evil and creepy.
8. Notice how in all the historical comparisons Queen Latifah threw at Usher (James Brown, Sam Cooke), she failed to mention the most obvious one.
9. Still don't understand how Suit got nominated over Sweat. Seriously.
10. While the rest of you were watching the Grammys, we flipped on MuchMusic. Just in time to see a segment entitled "Devon Goes Condom Shopping." Still now, we throw up in our mouth just thinking about it.
11. Scott Weiland on the anti-tsunami climax: "John Lennon was probably smiling down on us."

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