Sunday, February 27, 2005

Weekend Reading
Jim Derogatis proclaims an end for the Age of the Hoes. Then he declares himself a feminist. Then he declares Ashlee "I'll be your French maid" Simpson and Lindsay Lohan leaders of this new Hoeless generation.
Vaguely related: Derogatis on Tori Amos
Hua Hsu: What is Public Enemy's legacy?
Mars Volta: The progpire strikes back
Pete Doherty's eyewitness
Kings of Leon: Studied in callowness
Doves: Lost City
Doves: Cheery
Bloc Party: Scared
Futureheads: Jerky, joyful speedballs
Brendan Benson: Uncertain master of powerpop
The travelling band gets busy
Life after the protest song
The NYT's Playlist
INXS continues on in search
Disco Inferno at the library
Woody Guthrie in Inuktitut
The inevitable piece that compares the Stars to the Proclaimers
Whither Nigerian music?
Nellie McKay joins Alan Cumming and Edie Falco for a little Threepenny Opera
(And wins the Humane Society's Doris Day Music Award)
Jacob Hoggard back with band
And Michelle Branch is pregnant

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