Monday, February 14, 2005

Today Montreal. Tomorrow Walla Walla.
Carl Wilson is a smart guy. As recently proven by this weekend's column. Though we still find the fancies of the Spins and NYTs so fickle (Spin apparently had a sidebar on Toronto, but ditched it at the last minute), there is much mucho musico to celebrate. But there has been for about three years here. And it's not site specific. Montreal has a certain cool. But, as Carl makes passing reference to, this entire country is feeling a certain... something. Personally, we think it has less to do with Montreal and more to do with young urbanites who find little for themselves in Heritage Canada's rubber-stamped Canadiana. But our name hasn't ever appeared in Spin or the NYT. So what do we know?

All the same, more people in this country listen to Our Lady Peace than that... something. So, ya know, let's not soil our indie undies.

One thought:

Selling out is an old, sad idea. And indie insecurity is tiresome. In a perfect world, Leslie Feist would be getting Norah-love. But we're not entirely convinced that major labels have much of a role in the... something that's going down right now round here. Why, we must ask, would we want to involve the people who brought you Ryan Malcolm in this... something? If there are ways in which we can use them to our advantage, cheers to that. But otherwise, let them go hungry. Or, at the very least, keep a firm grip on the goods and just let them nibble.

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