Monday, February 21, 2005

Sans Shower Curtain
Canada (via Newman) to Moby:
"We love you because you play with our stank ass dogs."
On the way to a interview with Karina Huber at MuchMoreMusic, I uttered my despair at leaving my 4 month old bulldog puppy alone at home for such an extended period of time. Moby suggested that we go to my place and grab the little guy. So, fully knowing that my house was a mess and smelled like an animal shelter (I have 3 pets), Moby sauntered up my stairs and played with Bodie the Bulldog with the exuberance of a 12 year old. He insisted that we bring Bodie to the Much studios to be a part of the interview for which we did. Bodie made sure he left his mark in the studio, a few times in fact with a few potent farts for good measure.

Moby (via his blog) to Canada:
"I love you because you're not like my stank ass Red State neighbours."
canada is such a nice place. i really do wish that the northern blue states could be annexed by canada and thus create 'the united states of canada.' as i said to some of the journalists in toronto, we would gladly give up our guns in order to forge a more perfect union with our northern neighbors(soon, hopefully, to become countrymen). i mean seriously, can't we just let the red states go off on their own to do whatever it is they want to do, while those of us in the blue states pledge our new allegiance to the u.s of c? we'll even learn 'o canada'.

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