Friday, February 4, 2005

Rental Car
Zoilus puts nail to head in his review of Miss M.I.A. - Not. Yet. In. Focus.

Her She and Diplo may work wonders together off stage (hint, hint), but they've yet to find bliss on. Soon though. Maybe. Hopefully.

(Which isn't to say it was a particularly bad evening. It was quite good. But it wasn't as holy-fuck-wow as, say, Dizzee Rascal around the same time last year.)

What she can't yet manage as a performer, she apparently can as an instigator. Shortly before she arrived amid more technocolour war imagery than an inaugral address on PCP, Zoilus, The Artist Formerly Known As 32w and us were lamenting the lack of non-snark over at ILM.

Well, how's this? Beginning with February's posts, shit gets heavy.

As it really, really should. Entroductions are over. No need to be polite.

A couple thoughts:

1) We're not entirely sure she yet knows what to make of her music, her politics and where and how they mix. That's not meant to be patronizing. That's meant to take into account that she's only been doing this for a couple years. And she's not much older than us we (and, to be honest, we're not sure what we think of, like, peanut butter, yet).

2) We kinda actually think her gangsta rap comparison (see below) holds some amount of water. No really. Suspending political belief, how different is, say, The Game? And all that he espouses and entails.

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