Saturday, February 19, 2005

Notes Scribbled Into The Margins Of A Newspaper While Riding The Train or Via1 Holla
Re: Spinhype/NYTcred/Montreal/Toronto/Vancouver/Halifax/Guitars/Scenes/Other excuses to interview Torq Campbell/Etc.

The thing about things like this is that other writers can spot the loose threads from 15 paces. If only because we've all stretched them ourselves. Doesn't make things like that any less worthy. Unless it does.

Sure it's about old v. new, Celine Dion v. Arcade Fire, major v. indie, but it's also about City Mouse v. Country Mouse. See here. k.d. lang has an o.k. line (note to self: find exact quote later) about how Canadian music is all about Canadian geography. Wide open spaces and such. And she's right. Even applies to Avril (the space between her ears being such a vast and dark emptiness). But the new kids are city mice. They're shaking their boney asses (or fists) to make some space for themselves but also to break free from everyone else's self-conscious sheepishness. They form gangs. They band together to create what they find lacking. They fill their stages full of friends and neighbours. They collide, wrestle, hug. They build up and up. And from there they can see more. Restless little critters. Still trying to figure out what to do about that cat. They sound like neon. Or human traffic.
Joel Plaskett's record (our favourite of his four) is like country mouse trying to figure out city mouse.
What is the point of the hot towel?
People drink too much alcohol. We eat too much salmon.
Entertainment Weekly's 50 Best Love Songs has no love for Boyz II Men. This is a shame. Mr. and Miss PopWherry's first dance was to Bended Knee. Which tells you much about our age. And our coolness.
Guy across the way saw some of the Grammys between loads of laundry. Thought Alicia Keys and Melissa Etheridge were great. It's all live. Kanye West was good theatre, but thataboutit.

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