Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekend Reading/Viewing
This one's for Rafer.

Pop: Lost in the Grooves
M.I.A.:In Play
Olu Dara: Stepping out of his son's shadow
Michael Jackson: About a boy
Michael Jakson: Your trial primer
Gwen Stefani: Baby crazy (as seen in Rolling Stone)
Roger Daltry: Old
P.Diddy: Raging thespian
Girls are the new boys
Dance: Not dead
Black Eyed Peas: Ironic Success
Bez: The surreal life
Rammstein: Stupid and clever
Rayner: Bad rappers gone good
Marianne Faithfull v. LeAnn Rimes
Speaking with Vanilla Ice
A 'Spiritual Mother' of Spoken Word for a Hip-Hop Generation
Mariah Carey's piano not haunted by Marilyn Monroe
Beck's new video for E-Pro
Avril's new video for He Wasn't
And, of course, Michael Jackson's new video for, er, Not Guilty (?)

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