Thursday, January 27, 2005

Can't Leave Rap Alone, The Game Needs Me
Woah. For a second there we totally forgot we had a blog. Got all caught up in doing the day job. And shit. Sorry yo.

(Also: To anyone we might have e-mailed with questions about the cultural disparities contained within Canadian multiculturalism that do not allow for hip-hop to thrive in the Great White North - if your response got bounced back it's because of ye olde office technology. Please resend.)

We're back now though. No really. Promise.


The annual eye music critics poll is here. Individual ballots are here. Not quite pants-soiling surprising. Everybody loves k-os. (Or least fear his wrath.) Gwenny gets worst album of the year. Total bullcrap. Note to others: Your hate only makes us love her more.

The M.I.A. hype ahead of her Toronto show next week begins here and here. The music is super fantastique, but it's everything behind that's slowly blowing our mind. We're chatting with her Monday morning. Full report to follow.

Carl's been saying a lot of stuff about indie rock. Indie's dead kids. Long live Kelly Clarkson.

We missed the Broken Social Scene show. But Chromewaves was there. Of course. And so was B. Wong.

Jay Smooth has got to be the frontrunner for Blogger of the Year thanks to his campaign against New York radio station Hot97. To catch-up, start here and then read up.


So there. Now we're all caught up. Sorta.

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