Monday, January 3, 2005

And So Begins 365 Days Of Sin
Well. We finally just stopped sobbing after that very special episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and figured we'd make our first appearance of 2005.

So what did we all get for Christmas? Zoilus got an iPod. And oddly enough, so did we - and seeing as we just saw Garden State for the first time last night, we are, by our calculations, now only an average of 13 months behind the rest of you.

(An iPod-related question because to us it's just a shiny white box that makes happy noises: When we try to import music from CD to iTunes, we seem only able to do so at like 1.3X. Why is that? And if your answer is, "Cos your computer's probably too slow" - please attach a donation to your response.)

Anything else going on? We've been tearing the PopWherry office apartment all day to make room for a new tenant.

Stereogum has the new Britney single.
For the Records introduces us to Comes With A Smile.
Next New Years we're going to hang out with Shot and Foxymoron.
Evan Newman bucks things up.
Coolfer discusses the NYT Year in Music piece we haven't read yet (though it sounds like this).
Jennifer Lopez's new single can be found here.
Smart people on the Year in Culture.
Miccio goes after Avril.
And the NYT Mag starts 2005 with a rather ginormous Nellie McKay profile.

Happy New Year to all.

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