Thursday, December 16, 2004

Soon enough
We didn't take much time to express our fondness for her in 2004, so one of our New Year's resolutions, if we bothered with such things, would be to more openly celebrate Emma Bunton (that's our link of the year, by the way). We're gonna go ahead and call it right now. Two-thousand and cinq will be the Year of The Artist Formely Known As Baby Spice. (Like the Year of the Rat, only naughtier.)

As a prelude to this... the wonderfully terrible video for the rather awful remix of Free Me can be found here.

See also: She's not Baby Spice anymore

P.S. You'll need an e-mail address and password to make any use of that first link. Use "popwherry@popwherry.com" and "popwherry." Sneaky, huh? Go there. Now.

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