Saturday, December 11, 2004

Return Of The Mac
So. We're in London (Ontario). And... uh... that's it.

Things here are rainy and cold. The university kids are getting drunk. The Junior A hockey team keeps winning/tying. All is right with this end of the world.

Can anyone out there speak to what's going on in the local music scene? Is there anything (beside the House of Miracles) that we should know about? Is there any reason we should stay here for Saturday night? Actually, come to think of it, what was the last decent band to come from the Forest City?


If nothing else it was nice to be back within range of CHRW for an afternoon. Those kids do good things. And sound awkward and adorable in the process. Cheers.

Update I... 12:57am EST...
Well fuck. Death from Above 1979 was at Call the Office tonight. Shiiiit.

Update II... 1:00am EST...
Hey. London has its own music awards now. How bout that.

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