Monday, December 6, 2004

More Weekend, Less Literacy
The Detroit police force has a four-man singing group. They sang the national anthem before Sunday's Lions game. The name of this true blue boy band: Peaceful Authority.

Just thought you should be aware of that.

On a side note, we just want you Americans to know that we adore you. You allow us into your country regardless of the fact we lack the proper credentials. Later, when searching our backpack upon entrance to an athletic venue, you exuberantly ask us about the state of our career. And then you proudly broadcast Neil Diamond on your radio stations. Cheers to you.

Otherwise, we haven't much to contribute. We haven't read much of anything. Though we did find this - a rare crystal meth story that has absolutely nothing to with Rufus Wainwright - interesting. We haven't read much else though.

In the meantime: As we've argued rather passionately with others, the Gwen Stefani record is good. Great, even. Though it sags noticeably in the middle. But the first five tracks save the thing. (We're still piecing together our feelings about that friggin' bizarro Ebony & Ivory thingy at the end.)

Also: To prove his newfound maturity and conformity, Eminem has been publicly embracing his baby papahood. When American Idol Fantasia decides to voice her defiance and individuality, she records Baby Mama. Surely this means something.

And finally: As we've come to expect, the new Snoop record is challenging. Not least because of this.

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