Thursday, December 16, 2004

Kicking Ass
We've been sick and miserable and full of self-hate lately. How sick and miserable and full of self-hate, you ask? Well, so sick and miserable and full of self-hate that we've only been able to croak but the slightest of greetings to the Rock N Roll Nigga despite the fact he works not 50 feet from where we sit and currently write. We shall move to correct this soon enough (and for those who took part in our first-ever Year-End Canadian Bloggers Poll... we'll have those results soon enough).

But, ladies and gentlemen, over the last few days we have known great discomfort and whining. We have seen the common cold and the unruly mess it can make of a soft, weak-willed kid of privilege. It is now a time to heal. To make ammends. To be honest. And so, we have a confession to make: Simply put, we think we might sorta like John Mayer.

No, seriously. Sure, his music is still beyond help - patronizing and arrogant. But his column in Esquire is periodically entertaining. His appearance on Chappelle's Show was rather humorous (he even got to jam with ?uestlove). Jay-Z loves him. Kanye's collaborating with him. He's raising money for homeless New Yorkers with AIDS (though making clumsy statements about being gay in the process). And now he's got his own TV show (which we haven't seen, but which we imagine is probably mildly humourous).

And just as we were considering all this, he gets a shout out from Miccio (who is, as the site says, "right").

The evidence is beginning to mount.

But oh the guilt. Oh the fear that we will be shunned by our peers. Tarred, feathered and shamed as unworthy of breath.

Still. It could be worse. We could pass our days listening to this. Or this.

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