Monday, December 13, 2004

It's Not Safe To Be Naked
A little late getting to this, but reports from the Star and Sun concerning the fatal stabbing of a Seneca College student over the weekend at what eye's listings tell us was the Riviera Regime CD release featuring Daniel, Code Blue Crew, Vicoking, Top Prospects and Reggalatorz Sound Crew.

Google only otherwise finds Riviera Regime protesting weapons in space.

Those who know better are welcome to enlighten us.

Update I... 12:04am EST...
Over at the relatively new eye blog, Stuart B. quite rightly makes the connection between this and the death of Dimebag. To wit:

Like celebrity deaths, these sorts of isolated, random incidents have a tendency to happen in groups, creating the illusion of a trend (you can picture the Toronto Sun headline: Club killers! Are your children safe?) and prompting calls for more extreme security measures/regulations.

A weekend of stabbings in Toronto? The illusion of a trend? You don't say. And what about when kids with knives meet the dangerous holiday party season?

Somewhere in anonymity, Tipper Gore is nodding in agreement. No one loved a good 'scary youth trend' more than the former second lady.

Her cause was rock music - of the sort Dimebag and Pantera used to play. And she would certainly hold Dimebag's death as proof that heavy metal is a corrosive influence on the impressionable mind (though nearly twenty years after the famous witch hunt, wouldn't this incident also prove the ineffectiveness of her central contribution to the fight - the Tipper Sticker?)

From beyond the gave, Dimebag would probably beg to differ. Because completely absent of any 'trend,' his death offers the far more dangerous and frightening of possibilities - the completely random, nearly impossible to prevent, act of a lone nut job.

For the first time in the history of rational thought, we defer to someone in the music industry:

"I don't think you can let the actions of one lunatic affect the industry as a whole," said O'Toole, who manages The Stone Pony, famed as Bruce Springsteen's stomping ground in Asbury Park, N.J. "You can't let the nuts win." (emphasis ours, obviously)

(That, of course, being deliciously ironic because it's essentially the same argument presented at times of great warning by the Bush administration about ensuring those other nut jobs don't win.)

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