Friday, December 3, 2004

He Didn't Just Say
Apparently there's a new cut of Eminem's Mosh video that depicts Dick Cheney's robotic heart suffering some sort of malfunction. Followed by some sort of overthrowing of the government. Meh. We're more scandalized by the fact that he's become a priest.

Seriously. He's now an honourary priest of the Raelians (ie. "The world's largest Atheist, non-profit UFO related organization" - so kinda like the Polyphonic Spree).

According to the Raelians: "This title is not given often, and only given to public figures not afraid of jeopardizing their careers for their standing up for peace..."

Apparently it was the original cut of Mosh that convinced the Raelians of his priestliness. Says Rael himself: "This is wonderful. It will help reach millions of young people, who are otherwise uninterested by politics because they see the lies and hypocrisy coming from Washington, remember the truth about violence. All violence."

No word yet on whether he will now be able to clone himself. Or officiate gay marriages. Both of which would probably drive Red State dwellers to spontaneously combust.

In vaguely related news, before Eminem kisses 7-year-old girls, he always asks permission. And his record still isn't very good.

Update... Saturday, December 4th at 12:03am EST...
MuchMusic just so happened to air the new version not 10 minutes after we posted. The new ending does in fact feature a Dick Cheney heart attack. Possibly even two. All while Eminem leads an altogether peaceful interruption of Bush's State of the Union. Meh. Certainly not worthy of the Drudge. One big question to be answered though: When Eminem's minions bum rush the show, there's one, rather smallish, politician who turns to cheer them on. Who is that supposed to be? What sort of maverick politician would ever encourage such unruly behaviour? Who could truly call himself a man of the discounted, unheard and under-sized? Our best guess: Dennis Kucinich.

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