Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Finding. Meaning.
Yesterday we were talking with one of you about ethics in arts/entertainment journalism. Right on cue today we got a package from the Comedy Network promoting one of their imported shows — complete with t-shirt, coffee mug, shot glass and two tiny bottles of booze. Needless to say we're now very drunk.

Anyway. We imagine that you, like us, woke up this morning, wondering: "But what do these Grammy nominations mean?" Well don't you worry your pretty little head, answers are aplenty:

The Star: "The erstwhile conservative body appears to have yielded to contemporary urban music."
The Globe: "Hip-hop was less dominant over all compared with last year and West's spiritually tinged album bucked hip-hop trends and the rap orthodoxy as much as it embraced them."
Canadian Press: "Canadian talent isn't as strong in R&B and hip hop, arguably the hottest genres currently heard in the U.S."

And Jay has the tour de force press release from 60 Minutes touting an interview with The Kanye this evening. Says 60 Minutes: "Evangelical Christianity is flowing into the mainstream now more than ever. Rappers and rockers are making hits and making money while spreading the gospel to national audiences... But their success doesn’t come without criticisms, and rapper Kanye West, who became a part of this seismic shift in American culture, tells correspondent Bob Simon, why he feels that using the word Jesus in songs offends some people as much as using the n-word would offend others."

(That last bit would seem to be refuted by his own success, no?)

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