Sunday, December 19, 2004

At some point in tonight's Stars show, Torq spoke lovingly of drunken 14 year olds - and so we came to conclude that the Stars make music for highly literate, but drunken, 14 year olds. It's a theory we're working on. (Scene I: Billy Talent Ben, Kevin Drew, Foxy, Shotty and Maggie.)

We're quite fond of all on stage. But we can't help thinking that they're still just a little more self-immolation away from a true knee-weakening masterwork. And that is, it should be noted, a reason for great hope - a glimmer of which seemed to show itself right there at the end. Maybe.

Afterwards, a little festivus courtesy of these kids. (Scene II*: Evan Cranley's Ageless Booty, k-os, Feist, Torq dressed to close some loans, Gentleman Reg with a balloon he recovered from near the bathroom, Brendan Canning and his beard, Stuart Berman staying classy, the girl from that commercial (again), Jason Collett, Andrew Whiteman, the Death from Above 1979 guy who's not dating Kelly Osbourne, and, later, Amy Milan struggling with an ATM.)

*with files from S. Liss.

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