Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Chaos Theory
Consider this, from Amanda Newman, in the "Are The Stars The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen To Recorded Sound Ever?" debate. How many other groups of travelling musicians can claim to have created real, or potential, love where previously there was none?

Yesterday while I was working at the store a woman came up to the counter with every single Stars CD.  She said she had seen them the night before at the MOD Club with a friend and that was her first time seeing them and fell in love with the band, she asked me which of their albums I would recomend, and I suggested their latest "Set Yourself On Fire"  She said thank you and walked away to think about it.  My next customer was a nice looking gentleman who also asked me about the band and I gave him a run down of the soft revolution, and he seemed pleased and told me he was going to buy it for the woman who had just been at the counter.  I then assumed it was his girlfriend and stopped all flirting immediately.  He purchased the CD walked up to her, introduced himself, said Merry Christmas, gave her the CD and left.  She got his name, but nothing else, he didn't even ask for her number.  The woman stated she was having a terrible day, and he totally made it better.
But the story doesn't stop there my friends, the man whose name happens to be Barry came in a couple of hours later to make a couple more purchases I asked him why he didn't ask for her number as there was obviously an attraction and said it would have been too contrived, and if it was meant to be, it was meant to be.  Apparently this man watches too many movies.  And that was it, everything else was left to fate.
And just when you thought it was over, today while shopping in the Annex I stopped into work and my co-worker said that the woman whose name is Marika stopped in and left a card for Barry and just as he held up the card, low and behold Barry arrives.  I handed him the card, called him a lucky bastard and suggested he pick up a copy of the record, and then left.  i'm seriously thinking about starting some sort of blog or newsletter about the romance of Barry and Marika and how if she had not fallen in love with Stars she may have never met Barry.  Oh how music can affect the heart so deeply and what a perfect record for such a perfect moment.  I hope everyone has a happy holiday and runs out and buys the record in search of serendipity.
Merry Holiday!

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