Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Agnus Dei
PopWherry's crack research team (thanks Tab) digs up the Toronto Star's review of the latest from Riviera Regime (see below). Make of it what you will.

Thugz Of War (landmine-entertainment.com)
When you hear the term gangsta rap, it's mostly just a lot of talk. But as
the title track suggests, MCs Klee Magor and Benny Brahmz rap for real about
how they met up in the Israeli military and actually know the business end
of AK-47s and M-16s. They sound like the Sopranos of Jane-Finch with
profanity-laced tracks like "Don't F--- Wit Us" and "Dat Murder Sh--," which
includes an extremely violent video on their website, in which they appear
to be chopping up some poor dude in a bathtub who dared to mess with them.
It's all jokes for the 40s, blunts and ho's crowd.

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