Thursday, November 25, 2004

You Say You Want A Revolution...
Further proof that North American pop stars are weak and unworthy from Ukraine, where pop star Ruslana Lezhychko (we have all her records) has vowed to go without food "until justice is restored." Eat it, Bruce Springsteen. Or, rather, don't, ah, eat it.

Ahem. To wit:

Ruslana, 26, is Ukraine's mega star who won the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey with the song Wild Dances.

The song was inspired by the folk music and dances of highlanders in the western Carpathian Mountains. The album went platinum in Ukraine selling more than 170,000 copies.

Shortly after her Eurovision victory, Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych appointed Ruslana his special adviser for cultural affairs. She never accepted the position.

(In vaguely related news, Canada's rock stars got together recently to sing about Copyright reform.)

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