Saturday, November 27, 2004

Weekend Reading
Martin Samuel on Kylie
Clive Davis on Johnny Mercer
Peter Paphides on bad songs
J.D. Considine on the Pixies
David Stubbs on real jobs for rock stars
Alexis Petridis on Girls Aloud
Steve Morse on U2
Jim DeRogatis on Secret Machines
Ashante Infantry on Millie Jackson
Tom Jones is the Pavarotti of Viagra
NYT: The year in Christmas albums
Nirvana in a box: It's the voice
The life and times of Studs Terkel
Jem: Still not as cool as the cartoon
Korn: Free agents moving forward
Snow Patrol: No need to rush
Beta Band: The last stand
Gerald Finley: The Canadian who wants to do it all
Yuri Lane: From Tel Aviv to Ramallah
Regina Belle is silky; Jane Monheit is sultry
London school children demand Floyd royalties
The anti-gay reggae debate continues in Britain
Britons buy lots of records
Women love George Michael too much (and steal his loo paper)
Hilary Duff and Joel Madden no lovey

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