Monday, November 15, 2004

Soul Is The Goal
Greetings ODB mourners.

Just in case you needed reminding: Bono is smarter than Ashton Kutcher. No really.

Haven't heard How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb yet, but it's already the best U2 album we've heard. No really. Jon Pareles says so.

(The more we think about it, the more we really like Bono. Is that wrong? Dude just seems so much smarter than any of the other megalomaniacs with bands. OK, so the competition ain't that stiff, but still...)

Name dropping/house cleaning: Several of my colleagues (aka the McGill mafia) are behind the Torontoist addition to the Ist family. This is a good thing. Best of luck to all. (Discussion of possible CanWest conspiracy here.)

In vaguely related news, another of my colleagues is following George S. to the CBC, but she (Katrina Onstad, to be specific) will be writing for their soon-to-be-launched, Slate-ish online magazine on the ahhrts. This (the magazine, we mean) is also a good thing. Best of luck to all.

Oh. And today we got a can of Crunk juice with our copy of the new Lil Jon. So we're all winners.


Getting back to the issues that matter: the ODB tributes are piling up. Here's some essential stuff from: the Village Voice, Smoking Gun, MTV and SOHH.

In an interview with the New York Post, his wife disputes the claim of 13 children. Seems he had only 3. Or at least she only knows of 3. She also says he left no will. And that he did not collapse, but simply fell asleep and never woke up.

Along the same lines: Newsday reports he was giving up his wild ways to focus on his family of late.

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