Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Someone with one of them dream dictionaries explain this one to us...
So we're coming home from work. The bus driver and another passenger are talking passionately about God. And Bob Marley. Coincidentally, we're reading an Esquire story about Ricky Williams. And God. And Bob Marley.

At this point we decide that Bono is like the white, Irish Bob Marley. Only we're all too cynical to appreciate his particular wonderfulness.

We get off the bus, get on the subway and continue reading Esquire. We arrive at our stop, get out and begin walking home, with a stop at 7-11 to buy some chocolate milk and fruit juice.

At the counter, we're paying for our beverages when a man saddles up next to us and says, "Here's a nice looking young man." We smile. Then he says, "Look at this face. This is the last time you will see me. I just lost my wife of 32 years. Tonight I will die."

Speechless, we leave the 7-11 and walk to our apartment building. Upon arrival at our living quarters we open the door and see the day's mail includes but one letter - addressed to someone who actually lives down the hall it is from some ministry and the envelope reads "BE STILL and know that I AM GOD."

OK. So now. What if we said that all really just happened to us?

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