Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Been very inconsistent with the blogging lately. Apologies. Need more bran. Been busy reading stuff on paper (they've still got that yo). Bob on Bob is as good as you've heard, which is to say way (waaaay) better than we expected.

Sorta like this story in the Metro Times. At least the first part. Then it all gets a bit lather-rinse-repeat. But till then - gold. Horrible and scary. But gold.

"On a sun-drenched mid-September morning, hundreds of friends and relatives of the slain, would-be rap mogul known as Wipeout fill the pews of the Community Christian Fellowship Church on Detroit’s East Side. Many of the mourners are dressed casually, in jeans, jerseys and white T-shirts, some of which bear Wipeout’s image. Others here are in suits.

Tension ripples through the house of worship. A shoot-out is feared.

Two Detroit police officers are in the church vestibule, one in a department-issue jumpsuit, one in cop shorts; their sidearms seem wildly incongruous here. Outside, there are at least four marked police cars stationed at corners near the church. Among the civilian cars are a number of foreign luxury vehicles and custom-painted SUVs, which gleam in the bright sunshine. They sit on wheels that hug sets of polished chrome rims.

Inside, mourners cry, often screaming through their tears. They crowd Wipeout’s gray metal casket, which is surrounded by floral arrangements that reflect his life: a floral Hummer, a floral record as well as more traditional funerary arrangements, including one with his photograph as an inset.

... Some leaf through Wipeout’s funeral program, which is designed in the style of a gaudy hip-hop fanzine.

The Please Believe It logo is included on the cover. So are previews of albums due to be released on the label. Two pages of ads promote past and upcoming rap albums..."

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