Sunday, October 3, 2004

Postcard From Montreal Numero Trois(B): And this one's about friends
Keane make indie rock for pregnant women (we had proof). Probably the only band ever that could conceivably open for either Celine Dion or Radiohead. With stages moves on loan from Jon Bon Jovi. So very precious. But the kids LOVE them. Throwing their hands in the air like they're watching Jesus. Or Jay-Z. Same difference.

Which is way better then anyone trying to pretend they really enjoy Mike Yonkers. Alright, he's interesting. And it's nice to see him happy and venturing outside his house, but still... there's a reason everyone took about five steps back (if not fifteen steps rights out the door) when he came on. Concert hall above a Mexican restaurant though? Awesomeness.

(Next few sentences must be read with marked rising intonation.) So then we went to the loft party. And Beans was there. And he was all chillin on a giant pillow. And Kool Keith was there. And we heard that one of the Unicorns spilt a drink on him. Crazy. (Now stop.)

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