Saturday, October 2, 2004

Postcard From Montreal Numero Trois(A): You're Fired
So tired. More later. Very quickly. We were just at a party that counted both Kool Keith and Beans as attendees, thereby making it the coolest gathering we've ever been part of. Awesome.

Keane quote of the night: "This is a song about having the courage to be yourself." (Swear to God that really happened)

Liss quote of the night: Either "I just so want to be not here" or "I just want to be so not here" or "I so just want to be not here" (We can't remember which one she actually said)

Tip of the night for partygoers: When the drugs make you go blind... STOP TAKING THE DRUGS.

Optimus? How'd you do?

Anybody else?

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