Tuesday, October 5, 2004

The Original Jam Sessions 2004
Back from Montreal with only a head cold to show for our efforts. Early to bed for the next few days. But maybe some Brian Wilson on Wednesday. Anyone else going?

Good to see Elton John continues his adventures in irrelevance.

Sad to see that all the bands that weren't in Montreal (and a couple that were), were in Toronto this weekend. Nice to read the words of others and pretend we were there.

PaperBag: here
Arcade Fire: here, here and here
Rilo Kiley: here, here and here
Magnolia Electric Co: here and here
In-Flight Safety: here

(We saw Magnolia after Howie Beck in Montreal. Kinda underwhelmed. Or just really apathetic.)

Did no one go see Franz? Are we over them? Or just not willing to fight our way in?

Now where did we put that Advil...

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