Tuesday, October 12, 2004

New Math
Warning: Reading this blog may result in negative feelings toward Sarah Slean's new round thingy.

Noted Pop (all love) enthusiasts Sarah and Tab do not particularly like Sarah Slean's Day One. We can't says we blames them.

Liss, despite some well-documented love for the Slean, says: "Too many cheesy alterna-guitar effects." While Tab thinks, "A classic case of too many fingers on the dials." (SHOT says otherwise - scroll down - but we're inclined to agree with the ladies, as we generally do.)

So we're letting the producers take the fall for this one? How bout the label? Who insisted on the Billy Talent guitarist again? Hmmm.

And is this but a loving reprimand? Or are we finally going to get down to the eating of our young? We're due don't ya think? Who amongst us is going to try and take down the new Stars album? (You'd be crazy and wrong though.)

Note I: The Toronto critics and cynics society did do same to Slean soulmate H. Workman last year when he went all shiny, didn't they?

Note II: There are posters for Set Yourself On Fire wrapped around lamp posts in our neighbourhood. Awesomeness. More on that later. Including an answer to the question: Have Stars made the most inflammatory rock song yet written about W? Early answer: Maybe.

Note III: Girls on film go inside the actor's studio.

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