Tuesday, September 7, 2004

You Know Your Hockey Team Is Evil When...
Midway through thoroughly, and justifiably, dressing down the under-achieving and altogether rude U.S. World Cup hockey team, my esteemed colleague Mark Spector sets his phaser to kill and goes after gangsta rap (specifically American goalie Rick DiPietro's fascination with same). To wit:

...It is also DiPietro's habit to crank up a CD by his favourite gangsta' rap artist on the dressing room boom box, disregarding the presence of children in the room, or electronic media who use microphones to conduct their player interviews. So this was the scene yesterday inside the Team USA dressing room, not long after Hull had sullied the outer hallway with his profanity:

While a relatively small media contingent went about its work, a handful of children of Team USA players -- none over the age of six or seven -- played on the dressing room floor. That cuddly family scene was suddenly interrupted by master DiPietro, whose choice of rap music includes explicit lyrics and frequently used profanities that -- even in the context of a hockey dressing room -- go far beyond the boundaries of good taste. His gangsta' rap has become a staple of this room, a stream of street-level profanity seemingly condoned by those in charge.

There seems to be no one with the authority to demand the music be stopped...

Explicit lyrics? Frequently used profanities? Sheesh. Remember the good ole days when young children were able to hang around a dressing room full of naked men, who, for a living, play a game that encourages - nay, requires - them to inflict serious injury upon the other for the entertainment of drunken mobs, free of such immoral rubbish as gangsta rap?

See. This is why music writers should stick to music and sports writers should stick to sports. Err... hold on...

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