Sunday, September 12, 2004

Weekend Reading
Jon Parales on U2
Ben Ratliff on the New History of Jazz
Kelefa Sanneh on Eminem
Vit Wagner on Kings of Convenience
Stuart Berman on Deep Dark United
Sarah Liss on Polly Paulusma
Jim DeRogatis on Usher
Steve Morse on Jimmy Buffett
Alexis Petridis on Fatboy Slim
Sharon Lerner goes to Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls
Jamie Foxx pretends to be Ray Charles
Brian Wilson pretends to be the old Brian Wilson
Rush prove unrepentantly ridiculous at Wembley
Johnny Cash remembered by the greats (and Al Gore)
Robbie Williams: Whatever happened to him?
Interpol want to make people feel
Dido attempts to unpick the myths
Embrace: Whatever happened to them?
Nellie McKay avoids eye contact
SFJ sees Franz... Paul Wells (with guest blogger Branford Marsalis!)... Stereogum (with new Britney!)... Jay Smooth mocks Benzino... Chang on Prince... Alex Ross on Requiems... Defamer on Fucking Frankie Muniz...

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