Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Having turned Dizzee Rascal and the Junior Boys into massive, multi-platinum, global superstars, the Blog has set its sights on Montreal's Arcade Fire. And the ringleader of this revolution is, of course, Sean.

Today he offers another love letter, plus two new tracks (Tunnels and 7 Kettles) from their impending triumph, Funeral.

Meanwhile, Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again gets in on the fun with more love, plus two more tracks - Crown of Love and Laika.

Download. Enjoy. Then, in a couple of weeks, spend the cash for the other six tracks.

You won't (can't!) possibly love them as much as Sean. Or at least we don't. It's sinking in though. We saw them a year ago for a few songs in Montreal. We were only mildly moved. But now... well... give us another week and we'll be handing over our first born son (don't hold your breath). For now, we're getting there. Save us a spot in the receiving line. And forgive us when, in say November, we're hailing Une Annee Sans Lumiere as the most staggering work of the most heartbreaking of geniuses - a bilingual ballad of such basic beauty it might just be enough to bring us all back together again (even if we never were to begin with). Bless.

And don't get us started on Power Out...

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