Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Hey Ultragrrrl, Make Yourself Useful
Since it worked so well for Alexisonfire, why not? Controller.Controller's Scott asks all those with e-mail accounts, an appreciation for death disco and far too much time on their hands to help make some, er, History. He explains:

"Our music video for History has been added to MuchMusic's playlist! Please help us get it played by requesting it at the links below:

(Important: please put controller.controller - HISTORY in the subject line. Your requests actually make a difference!)

MuchOnDemand - ondemand@muchmusic.com
Much Loud - loud@muchmusic.com
The Punk Show - thepunkshow@muchmusic.com
The Wedge - wedge@muchmusic.com
Dedications - dedications@muchmusic.com
MusiquePlus - www.musiqueplus.com
Much Music Board - www.muchmusic.com/connect/messageboards
Much on Demand LIVE! - www.muchmusic.com/tv/mod/interact

You have your marching orders. Get busy.

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