Friday, September 10, 2004

Give It Away II
So here's the deal. Anxious for Pop Montreal, we dropped Dan Seligman (organizer and manager of these guys) a note and kindly asked him to point us in the direction of some stuff we probably hadn't heard before. Ever gracious he sent us back a nice long list of links to the cool, new, now and wonderful. Below is a mere sampling. As we're hearing most of them for the first time as this is written, we won't bother with previews/reviews/snarks/quips/kudos/etc and leave these for you to discover. Enjoy. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves/ourselves (and ask away if something inspires and you require further links).

Zombi - Orion
Michael Yonkers Band - Sold America
Malajube - Le Robot Sexy (demo)
The Hold Steady - Swish
Blakkar Noir - Flowers Suite
An Albatross - The Revolutionary Politics of Dance
The Mohawk Lodge - This Is What It's For (unmastered)
Matisyahu - Chop 'Em Down

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