Saturday, September 11, 2004

And It Goes On And On
Legal Downloading is the new Illegal Downloading. And so, following Dan's recommendations (see below), here's some assorted tracks from some of the less obvious playing Pop Montreal's first sleepless night. We'll get to the other four soon enough.

Pop Montreal - Wednesday, September 29
+The No No Spots
Disorder of the Week
See You Around

+Eye 2 Eye (ICM Records)
The Eye
Goin' Fishin
Bring The Smoke In

+Pawa Up First
Despite The Short Term
Introduction To New Details

+Mia Verko
Refrain From A Chorus
Beautiful Youth
Minding The Minutia

+The Champagne Kiss (Troubleman Unlimited)
Stereo Relapse

+The Firebird Band
The City and Driving
Kiss Yourself

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