Tuesday, September 14, 2004

All Over But The Crying
The latest line has Kalan Porter the favourite at, rather ridiculous, odds of 1/10. Theresa Sokyrka comes in at 9/2. Place your bets.

Even the kids involved seemed to know what comes next, as reported by CP:

Kalan: "It's been so much fun. At the same time it's gong to be exciting to see what happens after this and what my life is going to do after this."

Theresa: "It's been so hard to keep in touch with people during this busy time. I'm looking forward to feeling a little bit more normal with my life."

Which seems strangely fitting. Kalan stands to benefit from CI success much more than might Theresa - who should probably disappear to Saskatoon, master the piano, write some songs and re-appear a year or two from now, free of the CI albatross.

PopWherry will be in the audience Thursday night. A suitably snarky report to follow, we're sure (dude is such a dick).

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