Thursday, August 26, 2004

Words fer yer moms. Liss don't just write, she drops bombs
So the sky is falling. Or so Kevin Drew tells Sarah Liss:

"We're a mess as a band," he sighs, shooting a look at co-founder Brendan Canning, who's sitting beside him in this park in Little Italy on an appropriately gloomy, humid day. "If you see our name at the door, if we're on a guest list, if we go to a restaurant, if we show up at a bar, if we go as a group or a collective anywhere, we're a big mess. The stereotypes of musicians are true. We have a song called It's All Gonna Break, and it finally happened. We got lost in the 'Yeah, it's so fucking great,' and now we have to maintain something. Sure, we built it all on friends and family, but when that gets fucked up, then what? It all slowly starts to crumble."

Deep breaths. We've been here before. Still this sound serious. So maybe the sky is falling. Though we'd bet the $1.26 we've got here in front of us that the heavens will hold for a bit longer. Then? Who knows? It happens. But we all knew as much when we started caring. So don't go crying on us now. Well, alright, cry a bit. But keep it quiet alright, we don't want to scare the kids.

Anyway. See you all Friday night. Last. Show. Ever.

P.S. Just us? Or did the city feel a little... well... suspicious tonight?
P.P.S. Scott Baio?

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