Saturday, August 21, 2004

Weekend Reading
Toronto institution C'est What says so long
Robert Everett-Green says so much about protest songs
Punk's lost classic is found
Bjork: No brain please
Bjork's Medulla: Needs more tunes
Nellie McKay: Wondefully bumping up against her own limitations
The Ramones: Serious personality disorders and conflicts
Justin Timberlake: The GQ Interview
Papa Wemba: Pop star, people smuggler, jailbird, demagogue
Jeff Buckley: A decade after
Shaun Ryder: Still mad for it
Dido Doesn't know when she is actually good
Lou Reed: Poignant old coot
LL Cool J: Still the GOAT
Rap Sheets cross the pond
The Prodigy: All but forgotten, except across the pond
Jill Scott: Enjoying her multiple voice disorder
Donovan: Back and trying to catch the beat
R.Kelly is disturbing, but Jay-Z still has love
Sage Francis invites punny headlines
The Perceptionists: Boston's indie hip-hop supergroup with a crap name
Usher comes of age, gets own debit card
Ozomatli: The Warped Tour's salsa-hip-hop-rock crossover collective
Unkle Kracker: Unfortunately still making music
While the music industry burns, Country marches on
SFJ, Carl and others are way ahead of us. Good luck trying to catch up.
Chang's got his eye on the spooks
Chromewaves with Wilco ticket deets/detes
Alex Ross on Elmer Bernstein
Defamer on Hilton Week
And Gramophone with an all-star list of guest bloggers

The Globe and Mail on C'est What's last night
The Globe and The Star on Toronto's subway busker auditions (King Achilla Orru Apaa Idomo periodically rocks PopWherry's daily commute)
And the Phillipine Star mourns the loss of Elena Juatco

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